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Write your animated stories into text files that describe how to position and animate content. Our ProStyle JavaScript library then transforms your story into rich, animated web content!


Get Started. Write web animations using a simple JSON language and add them to your website.  more ›


Looking for inspiration? View example animations. Try changing the story right in the gallery.  more ›


An assortment of premium extensions that you can plug into your stories to make them even better.  more ›

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Position Example

examples A demonstration of how the position of an item can animate independently on the axes.  more ›

Opacity Example

examples The opacity property can be used to set and animated the transparency of an item.  more ›

Bulleted Text Lines

examples Text lines can be bulleted and there are a variety of bullet icons to select from.  more ›

Corners Example

examples Each of the four corners may be rounded independently using the corners property  more ›