Craft rich web animations with ease.

Ever wanted to create stunning animation and add it to your web page or web application? Seen amazing presentations built on the web but figured you’d need to hire a developer to make something like that? Maybe you are a developer but want to create animations more quickly. ProStyle makes it easy! You write your stories in simple text files that describe how to position and animate content. Our ProStyle JavaScript library then transforms your story into rich, animated web content.


Get Started. Write web animations using a simple JSON language and add them to your website.  more ›


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An assortment of premium extensions that you can plug into your stories to make them even better.  more ›

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Item Alignment

examples The anchor property may be used to easily align items on the x or y axis.  more ›

Crop Toggling

examples Text is rotated within a layer that toggles between being cropped or not.  more ›

Text Shadow Dancing

gallery Using text shadow animation to get some pleasing visual effects.  more ›

3D Text Animation

gallery Three stories that progress from a simple 3D text animation to a similar but more advanced one.  more ›