ProStyle Plus is an ever-growing set of premium extensions for ProStyle. You pay a low, one-time license fee for a domain name and get unlimited use of all the extensions, including upgrades, bug fixes, and all future extensions. Forever.

  • Premium Extensions
  • Your generosity helps us to continue supporting and improving ProStyle, plus you get some sweet extensions!
  • One Payment. That's it!
  • Unlimited Use on One Domain
  • All Current Extensions
  • All Future Extensions
  • Personal Use
  • Commercial Use
  • Only $99!
  • Domain
Frequent Questions
Do I need a ProStyle license, too?

With ProStyle Plus, you are licensed to use the premium extensions on a website with a specified domain name. You must be licensed separately to use the core ProStyle software. Luckily, ProStyle is free for the most common use case. See the ProStyle pricing page for more details.

Can I use the extensions offline?

Yes. The ProStyle Plus extensions may be used offline at no charge, such as displaying an HTML page from your local hard drive that has ProStyle embedded.

Any runtime fees?

Definitely not! You pay one time for unlimited use on your website. It doesn't matter if you have millions of pages or millions of visitors. There are no hidden fees.

What are future extensions?

We will continue to create new extensions and add them to ProStyle Plus. You will be able to use these on any domains that you’ve licensed, at no additional charge.

Do you accept ideas?

Got an idea for a really good extension? Create an issue and tell us about it.

Multiple domains on one website?

If you have multiple domains pointing to your website, only one of them may be used with a ProStyle plus license. Note that having more than one domain name pointing to a single website can be very bad for search engine optimization. Instead, you should redirect the extra domains to the most prominent domain (the canonical one), and create a ProStyle Plus license for that one.

To WWW or not to WWW?

Your license key will work with and without a preceding www. A license for will also work with

Tap Controller

The Tap Controller segments the canvas into areas which can be clicked or tapped to navigate the animation. Custom mouse cursors are used to provide a visual indicator. The splash animation on the front page uses this controller.

Mousewheel Controller

The Mousewheel Controller provides finely grained control of story playback. Spin your mouse wheel, in either direction, to step through. Optionally press the CTRL and ALT keys for different step rates. All of the examples and gallery animations demonstrate this controller.

Mousemove Controller

The Mousemove Controller maps movement of a mouse pointer on top of a story to the playback percentage. The header animation at the top of this page demonstrates this controller.

Stack Flow

The Stack Flow cycles through a stack of pages, showing each in turn. Check out these three examples.

Bar Chart Item

The Bar Chart item displays bars that represent data values. Check out these three examples.