Position Example

examples A demonstration of how the position of an item can animate independently on the axes.  more ›

Opacity Example

examples The opacity property can be used to set and animated the transparency of an item.  more ›

Bulleted Text Lines

examples Text lines can be bulleted and there are a variety of bullet icons to select from.  more ›

Corners Example

examples Each of the four corners may be rounded independently using the corners property  more ›

Layer Motion

gallery The items on a layer move relative to the layer. By combining movement of those items with movement of the layer itself you can achieve interesting motion effects.  more ›

Character Animation

gallery Text characters animated in 3D around a line. The character have a staggered delay.  more ›

3D Text Animation

gallery Three stories that progress from a simple 3D text animation to a similar but more advanced one.  more ›

Simple Bar Chart

gallery Translate an array of data into a simple animated bar chart.  more ›

Page Stacks

gallery Stacks of pages with different layouts are animated in and out of focus.  more ›

Timing Functions

gallery The timing function determines how far an animation has progressed at a particular duration.  more ›

Layer Motion Character Animation
3D Text Animation Simple Bar Chart Page Stacks Timing Functions Text Shadow Dancing