Text Shadow Dancing

gallery Using text shadow animation to get some pleasing visual effects.  more ›

Size vs. Scale

examples Smaller items consume less memory than larger ones. They can be scaled larger, but will look pixelated.  more ›

Elastic Words

gallery Words animated as separate banners with an elastic effect  more ›

Item Alignment

examples The anchor property may be used to easily align items on the x or y axis.  more ›

Animating Text Lines

gallery Text teleprompter animation example using staggered movement of each line.  more ›

Crop Toggling

examples Text is rotated within a layer that toggles between being cropped or not.  more ›

Cropped Layer

gallery Demonstration of how to use a layer cropping technique to make the illusion of see-through objects.  more ›

Transform Origin

examples Defines the point in 3D space in which transforms, such as rotation, are relative to.  more ›

Assorted Borders

gallery Multiple examples of how borders can be styled and then animated.  more ›

Text Shadow

examples Animate one or more text shadows and use a shadow to form a text outline.  more ›

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