Property Animation

gallery Examples of independent properties being animated simultaneously.  more ›

Skewed Text

examples Skewing text horizontally and vertically and adding rotation to get an interesting effect.  more ›

Hello World in 3D

gallery Independent scripted animations of the words Hello and World that are synchronized to finish at the same time.  more ›

3D Rotation

examples Rotating text in three dimensions showing the affect of perspective.  more ›

Pro Animation

gallery Example text that demonstrates how to animate the word PRO back and forth.  more ›

Image Item

examples An example of how easy it is to add an image to your story and make it bounce around.  more ›

Spinning Letters

examples Animated letters spinning around in 3D, independently, with and without a text shadow.  more ›

Property Class

examples Animation examples that use property classes to define named sets of property values that are used multiple times.  more ›

Word Wrapping

examples A demonstration that uses the text width property to induce and animate word wrapping.  more ›

Text Styles

examples Text Styling can be changed at any time in the timeline, but the style will change instantly.  more ›

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